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Flowerstream Prelude

What is belief, truth, and faith inside one's mind?

How confident are you in any recalled experience you've had if it is universally negated by those around you? How much or little effort does it take to convince you that things you've never experienced are true and those things you have experienced are false? What kind of direct experience is required to override an indoctrinated belief?

Don't feel bad. The kid in this cartoon sure doesn't know either! Something unusual happens to him in the mechanical tree garden and his mom insists he imagined it. He'll have to decide what he believes and act on it because there is no middle ground. Both his mom and the garden assure him that if he doesn't do what each of them desires, spectacularly horrible horribleness will befall him and the world in which he lives.

Electric games. Mech flora. Scary mommy. Snog porfer. Nightmare cooking. This is just the Prelude.

Please check out Flowerstream Prelude should you have opportunity to see a showing. Check out the Sobatoons Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel links for any future news regarding this project. In the meantime, check out the preview and stills here.

CH1: Bows, Bots, and Bloodlove

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"Bring Us Your Damage" Trailer

Trailer for CH1 Bows, Bots, & Bloodlove. Independent comedy-action-horror-freakfest animated feature.

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CH1 follows three supernatural shopkeepers who aid customers in finding love and self realization until interrupted by an armored cult.

The result is blood-lust, sex bots, panda girls, space maggots, and goat-poodle hybrids. Slapstick. Mayhem. Dark Transcendence.

The funniest film which might be considered meaningful to the sufficiently confused, CH1 is here. It is real.


At some point in your life you may come across a short film called Sexbot Pandapocalypse. Perhaps you've found this page because of Sexbot Pandapocalypse. Sexbot Pandapocalypse is a short(er) edited version of the C.H.1 project, distilled for narrative-only succinctness. It is for the benefit of those who might have the opportunity to watch a 30 minute film but not one an hour long. It might have less divergent hilarity, but possesses almost all the sexbots, pandapocalypses, and dark transcendent imagery of the longer version. It also has a cooler name. Did we mention it's called Sexbot Pandapocalypse?

Keep an eye on the Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube channel for any news regarding where and how to see this version.


This film was made, written, and animated by one person, and could likely not be made any other way. No armies of subsistence animators laboring for others to reap credit and benefit. It doesn't get any more “independent” than this. Defy your programming. Let yourself enjoy CH1.

You might want to hide the kiddies too. This film is unrated, but would be R-ish if it was.

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Pat Yaney has frequently enjoyed falling asleep in the middle of really profound animated films and waking up the next day thinking, “Wow, that was cool. I wonder how it ended.”

The concept of CH1 was to make such a film that doesn't delve into sleep-inducing dissertation. The first element of CH1 is a purple lady representing dark transcendence which the director felt almost religiously compelled to animate at some point. The rest is as much mayhem and slapstick as can be unreasonably thrown in, some symbolic, some not so much, to ensure aggressive wackiness.

Written and animated by one person over more years and health-damaging sleepless nights than Pat is willing to admit, CH1 is CH1. It sets up CH2 (kinda straightforward). Please watch it. Buy it. Support it and its associated merchandise. Make more films like this possible, and different ones as well.

Bask in and spread the thought virus.





Pat did animate this thing all by himself. It's not the first thing he's done either. Sobatoons is a fully functional animation studio. To contact him about this film, exhibitions, appearances, or inquire about possible collaboration, please fill out this contact form.